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Yeast Is a Pushover

I’ve been brewing off and on since 2008 and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized you can intimidate yeast. Threaten it. Strong-arm it. Bend it to your will. The power of these wondrous little organisms may border on the mystical, but lean on a few cells and they fold right up.

Homebrew Status Report

  • On Deck: To be determined #
  • Primary Fermentation: Zombie Dust clone #
  • Secondary Fermentation: - #
  • On Draft: Abbey ale #

Welcome to The Fledgling Brewer

The successes, failures and sidetrips encountered in one Nashvillian's quest to make good beer. My name is Doug Brumley and my goal for this blog is to be an unpretentious resource for those interested in the hobby of brewing beer at home. I brewed my first batch of beer in June 2008 with friends, and I've been brewing more seriously since March 2009. I started this site to document my growth and to share what I learn about brewing and beer in general. I invite you to join me in the journey. Thanks for visiting and happy brewing. Cheers!

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Finney’s Office Addresses Beer Impact of SB 2167
January 20, 2012
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